received CBI fellowship

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CBI program (Chemistry-Biology Interface) is a highly competitive UMass-funded and NIH-funded fellowship, aiming at training trainees from different background to advance scientific research “at the interface of chemistry and biology”.

What I did so far as a CBI trainee

  1. Drug design course
    • Understand drug development process, including drug discovery, screening, optimization and clinical trials;
    • Computational aided drug discovery and Structural-based drug design;
    • Macromolecular drug development, such as antibody, DNA and RNA.
  2. CBI chalk talk
    • CBI chalk talk is a course that is monthly held to gather CBI community to disscuss cutting edge topics.
  3. attend workshops
    • I attended a OPT workshop “Crafting Slides for Engaging Presentations” (Nov 16th). I also made my own logo and PPT template.
  4. CBI traineeship talk
    • As a CBI trainee, I was requested to give a talk to both chemistry and biology students
    • The talk topic: Hydrophobic gating in bundle-crossing ion channels: a case study of TRPV4”
  5. Future plan